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Please post any organizational needs in this space i.e., volunteers, staffing, upcoming trips, reports from the field, resources etc. You may want to consider including a link to your website and contact information.

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  • Post by Elliott Brender, MD 5/25/2018:

    Surgeons for Cambodia, Inc. a 501c3 corporation whose mission is to improve surgical care in Cambodia is looking for FACS surgeons to supervise R4 & R5 surgical residents (junior surgeons) at the Dr. Brender American Surgical Clinic at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital (KSFH). The clinic is Wednesdays from 2 to 4 PM at the hospital. Responsibilities is to run the clinic. There will always be Cambodian medical students. Normally there will be an American R4 or R5. We call them junior surgeons as a resident in Cambodia has a completely different meaning than in the USA. In Cambodia a resident is not an MD yet, is not licensed, and pays for their education. Rather than explaining o them over and over again what an American resident is (has their MD & is licensed), we simply call them junior surgeons – problem solved.

    Licensing is now a major issue in Cambodia. As of Dec 2016 you need a license to practice medicine in Cambodia. We obtain type D licenses which means we are a charity & do not charge for our services Unfortunately it takes 2-3 months to get a license. There is only one person doing licensing & he is swamped. UCI & UCLA will not accept license in progress however KSFH will. What does this mean. It means you can work at KSFH as long as you have filed for a license. Unfortunately until we can get UCI & UCLA surgical residents licensed you may need to work the clinic alone (their will always be Cambodian medical students & surgical residents, just no American doctors). On non-clinic days we usually assist the Cambodian surgeons with their cases teaching and making pointers as to how we do things.

    We do have a full time surgeon, Dr. Steven Swartz, however he will not be available until July 27th. We expect to have 2 supervisors + 1 American surgical resident R4 or R5 as our normal situation.

    SFC will pay coach international airfare, hotel (hotel provides free breakfast). Hotel is the G Mekong Hotel Air-Conditioned, free wi-fi, breakfast, pool, gym. Local transportation (a driver will get you from the airport, take you to the hotel, take you from hotel to hospital, lunch, take you from the hospital back to the hotel at the end of the day. When your tour of duty is done you will be taken from hotel to airport.

    Minimum 2 weeks, prefer a month. Interested? Basically a free trip to Cambodia – on the weekend you can go see Angkor Wat. Contact

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  • Post by Hermite 7/1/2018:

    If you are interested please email me at 8138086565, our website

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  • Hello!

    Looking for a dental organization interested in offering voluntary services for a NPO in Cambodia for children 14-18 years of age . Is anyone aware of an organization(s)?


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  • Post by Patrick Kamara 1/14/2019:

    Hi everyone,

    Last Spring, our team treated over 1000 patients with Over the Counter (OTC) products and first aid supplies in four communities affected by the recent Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Sierra Leone. The Ebola disease killed over 3,500 and left more than 11,000 sickened in Sierra Leone between 2014 and 2016.

    This Spring, our team will embark on the next round of Medical Mission Trip to Sierra Leone. Almost 80% of the adult population we screened during our last visit have a history of high blood pressure and 25% has elevated blood sugar.

    Unfortunately, we did not have a physician with prescriptive privileged in our team. Therefore, we cannot receive high blood pressure and diabetic products from Americares.

    If you are a Physician with a good heart and wants to join our team, please reach out to us at or visit Together we can save lives.

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  • Currently looking for two doctors (preferably a pediatrician and a internist/general family medicine doctor) to come participate in my medical clinic in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya this summer. 

    It is through a non-profit called Crossing Thresholds. It is an amazing group, and I have been traveling with them to Kenya for the past 8 years. I am a current board member and the clinic coordinator. Please reach out if interested or know of any doctors (especially a pediatrician!) that would be interested. 

    Dates in Kenya are: 6/29/19-7/6/19. 

    Non-profit website:

    You can email me if interested:

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  • Hi Everyone, our volunteer team is heading out to Sierra Leone in April for the next round of Medical Mission Trip. Presently, we have few volunteer nurses. We need a doctor to join us so we can get prescription medication from Americares. Our medical stuff container is leaving on February. Please contact us at

    Thank you so much for doing what you do. Together we can save lives.

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  • Hello All, 

    A word of thanks to our valued members, Americares and PQMD for allowing me the privileged opportunity to be the forum moderator since April 2018. My contractual agreement ends today and Micaela Theisen will be taking over. She will be introducing herself next week. If anyone would like to stay in communication, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and/or by email: Thank you for ALL you do.


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    • Valerie Colgate, MSGH, CCTSS  Thank you for all you've done for the Medical Outreach Web Forum and community. We wish you the best and welcome our new moderator Micaela Theisen  who will begin in her new role next week.  

      Micaela is an ER Nurse Practitioner and former global health fellow. She has worked on a number of different projects abroad—most recently in Iraq and Syria, as well as cross-border work in Mexico. She currently works on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. She has supported Americares Medical Outreach Program in the past by helping to develop our Exchange website and pre-departure training course. Please join me in welcoming her to the forum!

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    • Hi all,

      Thank you for the kind introduction Julie, and thank you Valerie for all the work you have done so far to get this web forum going .  I am looking forward to continuing the conversation and learning from everyone.  My goal will be to post a conversation-provoking article or question a couple times a week and seek out helpful websites, conferences, or other resources that you all may find useful in your work. I really want to encourage everyone to utilize this web forum for questions or ideas you may have, or to share your experiences or clinical needs, and to discuss global and public health topics. It would be great to hear trip reports and see what teams are up to, what you found worked well, and what challenges or barriers you may have faced. Web forums like this are most useful when we can learn from each other, so please feel free to post something because we'd love to hear from you.  

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  • If you are interested in volunteering at an English speaking location in Belize for 2 weeks,  Hillside Health Care International may be perfect for you.  HHCI has provided a full time primary care clinic in southern Belize for over 18 years staffed by a full Belize staff that relies on volunteers to precept the international students who come to the clinic for 4 week global health rotations.  Housing available on campus inexpensively and the students are great to work with.  Hillside Clinic works with the Belize Ministry of Health to also provide mobile clinics to the rural villages.  Most of these are Mayan and all the staff can translate the Ketchi.     Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists and Physicians are needed. 

    Volunteers can sign up for longer term stays and the clinic is looking for a Volunteer Medical Director for a one-year committment. Medical Director gets a beautiful house on the ocean and a stipend. Short term volunteers have no other expenses beside $100 for licensing, $100 per week for housing on campus. If interested, see the website at or contact myself at or program director at


    Thanks,    Ann Colbert  (new member of forum)

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    • Ann Colbert . Welcome to the forum, Dr.Colbert! Thank you for sharing about HHCI, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. It’s great to hear about sites like HHCI that are so well established in the community. 

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      • Ann Colbert
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      • Ann_Colbert
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      Micaela Theisen 

      Thank you.  Yes Hillside is well established and thankfully has been able to use Americares donated meds and supplies for several years.  Really appreciate that.   

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  • This is from an email I received from an organization I have partnered with in the past. Unfortunately the deadline is now (the 28th), to get your  initial application in. There is more info at the GoDocs website. 


    Hello volunteers!

    GoDocs has been requested by a large iNGO and the US Navy to supply volunteer medical doctors, nurses and possibly integrative providers to work aboard the USS Comfort Navy Hospital Ship to support Venezuela refugees escaping to the Central and South Americas. 


    The mission includes both ship and land based clinics for all levels of care, from primary, to emergency to maternal. We also need dentistry services. Land based service providers are transported by helicopter from ship to shore daily.


    The mission is 2 week rotations beginning mid June and continuing thereafter for 5 months. The first mission mid June departs Virginia, US. Thereafter missions depart Panama and other Central America locations the ship is based. There will be absolutely no unapproved press or social media once aboard the ship. Your individual communication to others is also severely limited. These activities are highly controlled by the Navy.


    All medical personnel considering any 2019 rotation must be approved by the US Navy no later than May 28th. GoDocs must have your letter of interest, current online application, current CV, all contact info inc. physical address, a scan of your passport and other applications completed no later than May 28th


    Though we will make best efforts to secure no cost airfare from our partners however please indicate in your letter if you’re interested: 

    1- only if full airfare is covered; 

    2- only if partial airfare is covered; 

    3- or if no airfare is covered


    All meals and lodging are supplied by the Navy.

    If you are available for the first mission mid June, indicate this in your cover letter. If your interested in missions for the balance of 2019, indicate several 2 week avails throughout the year.  


    More about the Mission
    Due to the ongoing humanitarian disaster centered around the unrest in Venezuela, millions of Venezuelans have fled and are overwhelming the capacity of neighboring countries to provide services for them, according to an article  released by the U.S. Southern Command. “The USNS Comfort will help with the effort.”
    The USNS Comfort will visit a number of countries in the region. Likely Columbia, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador and other regions Venezuela refugees are escaping to from their homeland. As soon as the maneuvering schedule is released, we will slot volunteers into specific mission tours. 


    You will need to have passports with more than six months remaining and a background check will be conducted. We will provide you with a form to complete. We need to provide the US Navy volunteer applications and credentials to the US Navy by May 27. The Navy medical director will then let us know who from our team they will accept aboard.


    Volunteers will work through and under both GoDocs and it’s partner iNGO to schedule the Navy’s requests.

    It’s a busy 2019 with GoDoc missions including Ethiopia, DRC and more...

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    • Micaela Theisen VERY interested in this, and want to get my application in TODAY. I am on their website, and cannot find anything about this mission. Do you have a direct link or contact?



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    • Emily Fawcett try calling their office since it is a bit urgent: 505.473.9333, or email at

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    • Micaela Theisen 

      Thank you for posting!

      Global Outreach Doctors and our partners are considering extending the deadline for submission of your letter of interest and required documents.


      1- complete our online application on volunteer tab:

      2-email info per above to all below:

      Thank you!

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  • Physician opportunity with a group I worked with in Syria. Please send me private message if interested and I can discuss safety and security issues with you. 


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