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Global health news, discussion topics, and a place for general questions/thoughts/ideas. All are welcome to post and respond. 

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  • One of the more common questions we get is how to safely and legally transport medications and medical supplies into a country. I would like to hear from others what has been helpful for their teams when transporting medication or medical supplies. I know it is country-specific, but it would be nice to get some general guidelines as well as any country-specific information posted here. 

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  • Interesting article on the factors that have hindered global access to medications for noncommunicable diseases and policy recommendations:

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  • Hi all,

    How do your teams approach the topic of the medical ethics of short-term medical missions? This is always a hot topic in global health and it would be interesting to hear your perspectives.  There are many research articles and guidelines available online (just one linked below), as well as at the Americares Medical Outreach Exchange: 

    A review of aggregated guidelines and studies published in Globalization and Health (linked below) noted broad consensus on six core principles for effective and ethical STMMs (short-term medical missions). These are:

    1. appropriate recruitment, preparation and supervision of volunteers

    2. a host partner that defines the program, including the needs to be addressed and the role of the host community in directing and teaching the volunteers

    3. sustainability and continuity of programs

    4. respect for governance and legal and ethical standards

    5. regular evaluation of programs for impact

    6. mutuality of learning and respect for local health professionals

    Lasker, J. N., Aldrink, M., Balasubramaniam, R., Caldron, P., Compton, B., Evert, J., … Siegel, S. (2018). Guidelines for responsible short-term global health activities: developing common principles. Globalization and health, 14(1), 18. doi:10.1186/s12992-018-0330-4
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  • I'm excited to share powerful presentations from the Health at the Center Americares Partner Summit with TED style discussions about global health from speakers such as Sanjay Gupta, MD,

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